Any place can be good to read, learn and write for those who love to read and study. For them, knowledge is immaterial, the place does not matter, and physical context is secondary. However, if we look at this in the reality of educational systems, the conditions of the schools directly impacts the performance of the students.

The location of a school has an enormous significance, and it should be set up in a suitable atmosphere. It should be far away from the noises and the polluting atmosphere where the child can easily absorb what is being taught in school. The ambience should be calm, spacious with good amenities and utilities in a visually appealing landscape. The school should have enough lighting, useful facilities such as libraries, toilets, playground, sinks, multipurpose rooms, work areas, lockers, storage spaces, teachers, administration, etc.

Some of the things you need to look into while selecting a good school in Jharkhand for your child. These are key elements that comprise of a school's infrastructure:


Situated on the ground floor, more popularly known as the SIA Hall of Celebration, is equipped with the most modern and state-of-the-art audio-visual facilities and has a seating capacity of 500 students. The auditorium hosts various events i.e award functions, inter and intra-school competitions and ceremonies. In addition it is also a venue for various workshops, seminars and conferences.


Smart Classrooms is a comprehensive strategy for digital education. SIA class rooms are well equipped with Interactive, Computers, LCDs and Audio-visual equipments, allowing the teachers to teach using a wide variety of technology. Each computer has a set of software which include Advanced Microsoft, Adobe, Corel based softwares with Computer Aided Learning packages and Wireless Internet Access. SIA has never had any qualms about adopting new technology to make the learning experience effective. Today, SIA is the leader in its region in providing world class education to its learners. It is among the first schools in the entire Bokaro to have introduced the Smartclass.


SIA have two Computer Labs in addition to Presentation Rooms with latest OS based multimedia machines for providing hands on experience to students from Std. I to VII. The infrastructure ranges from desktop and laptops. Interactive boards and LED projectors are used to make teaching and learning an interesting, enjoyable and effective process. Licensed Microsoft based softwares with Computer Aided Learning (CAL) packages are loaded in all the machines to facilitate computer aided teaching and learning. In addition Wi-Fi & Internet facility enables the students to draw the latest information from Computer networks all over the world. Training sessions and workshops are organised for teachers and students to make them user friendly.


SIA has Laboratories ranging from Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Computer Science, Home Science, Geography and Psychology Lab for different levels. These laboratories are well equipped with IT infrastructure and lab libraries to give the students extensive practical experience to supplement the theory.


SIA has collaborated with Think LABS, a Mumbai based IIT alumnus technology venture, to set up its Robotics laboratory. The aim is to blend the creativity and curiosity of young students with the hands-on education aspects of Science and Technology. With focus on Robot building and Science based activities, the learning methodology take up innovative and challenging ideas, and convert them to solutions in the form of working robots. Here, the students learn to design, build and program robots. Various concepts are explored and applied in this activity based learning experience.


SIA library is a space which provides an ideal backdrop for poetry, reading, group discussions and round table interactions. It has hosted a variety of authors, poets and playwrights. The school has two well equipped computerised libraries with a large stock of books including Encyclopedias, Fiction, Reference Books. They also subscribe to a number of dailies, magazines and journals. The Junior and Senior School library consists of 5000 Reference Books class-wise, 20 Periodicals and Magazines, 5 Dailies (English & Hindi). There are libraries for all classes within the class rooms. An inhouse Library for reference purpose has also been set up in science labs, Teacher Resource Centre and computer labs for both teachers and students.


The Art Rooms cater to various disciplines like Sculpture, Photography, Tie & Dye, Screen Printing, Calligraphy, Pottery. An assortment of activities are offered to inculcate love of aesthetics. The art work of students is regularly displayed within and outside school to motivate the young artists. Regular visits to Museums, Art Camps, Craft Villages and other centres are organised for awareness at all levels.


SIA has specially designed Art Studios and a centre for Dance and Music (Vocal and Instrumental). Students are exposed to a wide range of music & dance from different cultures and genres. Our teachers are experts at spotting talent and grooming children accordingly. The children learn not only vocal music but also learn how to play a variety of instruments that cater to both indian classical and western music.


The School offers a variety of sports and games catering to all students. Chess and table tennis is encouraged. Several courts are provided for Basketball, Badminton, grounds for Football, Cricket, Volley Ball, Archery, a Skating Rink and open grounds for Martial Arts. The school aims at all round development of the students, proportionate emphasis is laid on the physical growth along with academic progress.


We have a well-equipped medical room with a trained Doctor (MD) and Nurse available during school hours and for after school programmes.


A Lift has been installed to help the moment of children with physical disabilities since the building has four floors.